IRobotSoft Visual Web Scraping

IRobotSoft is a visual Web automation and Web scraping software. The leading edge of IRobotSoft software lies in its completely automated Web robot generation technology. By observing some user Web explorations from an embedded Internet Explorer, IRobotSoft is able to generate a Web robot that does what the user intended to do. IRobotSoft has an internal scheduler so that users can set up to run each robot in a particular time or frequency. IRobotSoft targets at common Web users who have very limited programming skills. However, its powerful data manipulation language supports complex Web computations needed by most skilled programmers. IRobotSoft's Web robot engine employs sophisticated artificial intelligent and machine learning techniques for Web robot learning, and offers a complete computational platform for Web data manipulation. IRobotSoft is best for market researchers who need to repeatedly collect market data from public Web domain, for example, realtors who collect house information in a certain area, and researchers who continuously track certain topics on the Web.

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