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10/30/20 at 23:26:07
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Clicking button but no results (Read 2071 times)
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Clicking button but no results
03/21/16 at 12:01:20
I am trying to get to a page on a website that contains a report in table form that I need to extract (tested the the table extraction and that works fine).  However, to get to the page, I have to get past a page where the user would select whether they want a daily or a weekly report, enter the date of the report, and click "Inquire" to expand the page to display the report.  "Daily Report" and the previous day are selected on the page by default, which is great for our purposes, however, I haven't been able to get the robot to click the Inquire button to bring up the report.  When I manually click the button (without the robot) the report comes up no problem.  I have tried highlighting the button and performing A Click; pulling A List of Links with all of the repeat options listed in the manual (I also tried changing the Field Index for Links in conjunction with the repeat action, which had worked for me on a previous issue); setting events to Click(Adding the htql of the button), MouseClick(again, adding the htql of the button), attempting to inject Java to ask for the desired results (Java is really not a strong point so I may not have doe that properly), and extracting data directly from the Inquire button (when running Test on Take Data From on the Inquire button I get a copy of the report with null values on all fields where financial data would appear); and , after finding the hidden URL of an Extract From Excel button that would appear on the expanded page & the name of the file that it would extract, performing a SaveUrlFile.  
The htql for the button is : Code:
<DIV (ID='PEGA_HARNESS')>1.<FORM (Name='main')>1.<DIV (ID='HARNESS_CONTENT')>1.<TABLE (ID='EXPAND-OUTERFRAME')>1.<DIV (CLASS='expandInnerDivStyle')>1.<DIV (Name='BASE_REF')>1.<TABLE (ID='actionContainer')>1.<DIV (ID='RULE_KEY')>1.<NOBR>36 

 and the actual selected source code on the page for the button is: Code:
<NOBR><BUTTON class=pzhc 
data-click='[["refresh", ["thisSection","", "GetPostingStatements", "&amp;=", "", ",",":event"]]]' 
<DIV class=pzbtn-lft>
<DIV class=pzbtn-rgt>
<DIV class=pzbtn-mid data-click="..."><IMG class=pzbtn-i alt=""> 

If I can get past this last stumbling block, I'm pretty sure that my robot is good to go, so I would really appreciate some help with this.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Clicking button but no results
Reply #1 - 03/25/16 at 16:27:21
How about this htql?
<BUTTON norecur (class='pzhc' )>
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