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09/30/23 at 07:54:18
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Emergency Alerting Question - Can We Do This? (Read 3264 times)
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Emergency Alerting Question - Can We Do This?
09/12/15 at 13:41:39
Good Morning Board!
I recently installed IRobotSoft and have been reviewing its capabilities.  I need some advice from the message board to determine if our project is feasible. We are looking at early warning messages to fire fighters and paramedics for emergency calls, by leveraging an existing data set  that is published a web site every 60 seconds
We need a solution that scrapes a web page which lists all emergency calls in real time, looks for key words and then generates an outbound email if key words are found (example: “house fire”).
The web page updates every minute and places newer emergency calls at the top of the list; pushing other emergency calls lower on the list.  I have included the URL of the web page and the data is displayed in columns and rows that should be easy to collect.
1. We need to scrape the web page for “new” lines of emergency call data.
2. We need to apply some key word matching against the emergency call data
3. We need to generate an outbound email that will include key elements of the emergency call (date, time, location, type of call).
4.  We need to make sure that we are only generating a single outbound email for each instance of an emergency call (avoiding duplicates and missed calls)
The User Guide suggests to me that we can collect the data and generate an outbound email and use variables to fill in the necessary information.
Before we start into the project, we just want to confirm that what we are trying to do is feasible.  
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, comments and advice.  
Barry Luke
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Re: Emergency Alerting Question - Can We Do This?
Reply #1 - 09/12/15 at 16:24:13
Surely you can use IRobot to do this.  
You may want to test if the email server you will use is supported by IRobot first.   Just run the irobot.exe, choose menu: Advanced -> EMail Account, put the account information, and click button [Test Connection].   If successful, you will receive an email saying the test is successful.  Let us know if it failed.  
The other steps are quite straightforward.  
1. Use menu: Advanced -> Compose Email to compose and save an email to use.  
2. Use the Send Email action to send email.  Or, alternatively, you can use function SendEmail() to send email.
3. Use loadData to load the keywords you need to match.  Refer the manual for how to do it.  
4. Use regular expression matching to match string to keywords.  Refer the manual for Str ~ RegEx for simple example.  
5. Use Save Variabes to save a record to file once the email is sent.  
6. Use loadData with a sql_query to load the saved records and test if a new entry has been dealt with.  
7. Post any question you may have in this forum.  
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