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12/08/23 at 23:22:01
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Extracting Data from DIV Containers (Read 3625 times)
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Extracting Data from DIV Containers
09/11/14 at 20:33:36
I'm trying to scrape data from a web page that has data wrapped in div's and not tables. See link below. I am able to setup results in htql that show the data I am looking for, but when running the program I only get the first set of data in one container.
Is there a special way of looping through a div container and then continuing to the next one? With tables one can do 1-0 but I don't seem to be able to get this to work with DIVs.
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Re: Extracting Data from DIV Containers
Reply #1 - 09/11/14 at 22:10:56
DIV data is essentially the same as table data.  But IRobot is less able to generate the right query.  You will need some HTQL knowledge to come up with a query to extract data.  For the page you are looking at, this query will produce a table form.  
<div (ID='container')>2.<div (ID='forum')>1.<div (ID='content')>1.<div (ID='main')>1.<div (CLASS='wrapper')>1.<div (ID='container')>1.<div (ID='content')>1.<div (ID='page')>1.<div norecur (class='tborder addon')> {
   C2=<a (tx ~ 'Download')>;
Using it in a List of Links action, you can set the "Field Index for Links:" 1 for author links, or 2 for download links.  
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