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12/09/23 at 00:09:21
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How do I get image urls to use in saveUrlFile (Read 2524 times)
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How do I get image urls to use in saveUrlFile
07/09/14 at 02:37:44
Hi, I added this event (See Below) to my irb to see how it worked and it does exactly what it should, what I am now struggling to get my head round is 1) how do I get the url of each image (I have 10 images per page in a table together with text etc. I want to save the text and images. 2) having got the URLs how do I add them to the event ie: where you have http://irobotsoft.org/logo.jpg I want to put each of my 10 urls for each page and I also want to save 10 images with 10 names per page (ideally the image names shoudl be the same as the originals)
Event: After each tuple; Value: saveUrlFile('http://irobotsoft.org/logo.jpg', 'test.jpg')
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Re: How do I get image urls to use in saveUrlFile
Reply #1 - 07/09/14 at 10:04:33
You can use a Take Table action for your table data.  Then name variables for the columns that have image and text.  Then pass the variables to the saveUrlFile function.  For example, after you name variables image_url and text, use:  
saveUrlFile(image_url, text +& '.jpg')
You can use action log to check if the variables are created correctly.  
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