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08/04/20 at 13:24:52
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How to extract emails from a single Web page (Read 2819 times)
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How to extract emails from a single Web page
11/21/10 at 00:07:40
Some web pages has emails generated dynamically via JavaScript, and you cannot use a regular emailscraper to extract emails from the page.   You will need to create a customized scraper for it. Here are steps:    
Create a new task, with an action Go to URL: http://www.xxxx.com/page.html.  Then, right-click the action and add two events with:  
Event: After each tuple; Name: emails; Value: get_emails(TargetPage, '%n <%m>\r\n')
Event: After each tuple: Value: appendFile('emails.txt', emails);
Then run the task and you will get the emails in emails.txt.
(For regular web page and with irobotsoft emailscraper.irb (paid version), you can simply use site search and, at the interface, enter the URL and an arbitrary pattern such as 'aaa' to let it stop after the first page.)
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