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11/14/19 at 00:51:40
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Can I save data in a spreadsheet? (Read 4583 times)
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IRobotSoft Administrator

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Can I save data in a spreadsheet?
07/28/09 at 00:04:54
The easiest way is to export data into text file with a ".csv" extention.   Also, with the following settings:  
field sep: , (comma)  
record sep: Auto (LINE)  
quotation: " (double quot)  
Sorting by fields: (some fields);  "Unique & Keep Old Data & Append File"  
With the above settings, you can simply double click and open the csv file in excel.  Note that you may need to copy the csv file to another file to open it if the robot is still running, so the file will not be locked by the excel.
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